The Disabled

Quoting WhikipediA

"Services for the disabled are those government or other institutional services specifically provided to enable people who have disabilities to participate on equal grounds in society. Some such services are mandated or required by law, some are assisted by technologies that have made it easier to provide the service, and others are commercially available not only to persons with disabilities, but to everyone who might make use of them.

A complete list of such services would be difficult to assemble, especially as new ones are being invented all the time, and as old services are being delivered in new ways."

The Veteran Community provides a wealth of opportunities to support persons with disabilities. One of the most xxxxx xxxxx is the inability to communicate with and participate socially with family and friends. This isolation is the target of our first initiative for The Disabled.

Our Social Integration Initiative - Technology Assistance 

We - Engineer, Furnish, and Install the Infrastructure and Train the Disabled. 

Design Development Considerations

The Road Map

If you give a phone to someone and there is no network of users - the phone is valueless.

The concept, Learning in Community, is an important one.  The Disabled are more comfortable learning new things in a community setting with other disabled.  As they become comfortable interacting within this small community, and become fluent with operational skills, they will venture outside the community.

A driving school student starts in a sheltered area, and when the mechanics are intuitive, venture onto the freeway.

  • Establish the interest community support infrastructure
  • Add the experienced users
  • Add the disabled

Infrastructure Genre 

Low First Cost, Low Maintenance Cost, Open Source, Cloud Based, Voice Control

  • Google: Chrome, Android, Tablet, Apps
  • Adobe: Flash

Where are we now?

Support Community  

The Old Abe Chapter of the 101st Airborne Division Association is the fraternal organization that supports Veterans of the 101st Airborne Division in Wisconsin.

Member of this chapter include Veterans from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War

Desert Storm and Desert Shield.  Many of these soldiers have 100% disability status.


Support Infrastructure

The site, build on Google Sites, is operational.  Member Services Include:

The site contains a public section open to the world, and a members only section that contains:
  • Email:
  • Contacts: All members contact info is shared with all members
  • Chapter Calendar
  • Member's Calendar
  • Google Docs: 
  • Google Groups
  • Google Sites.
  • On line Membership Registration
  • Chapter Archives
  • Sick Call Posts
Add Experienced Users

The chapter has 86 members
  • All members have a log in and email
  • 68 members are active with email
Add the Disabled
  • 8 disabled users are now active