Mission Statement

Apply 4th Industrial Revolution technology to advance the social good, protect the environment, facilitate economic development, support veterans and campaign for good government through
 TAKE BACK WATERTOWN  a Political Action Committee.

Our Current Exempt Purpose Initiatives
The R545.Org Corporation is a Wisconsin nonprofit corporation that provides individual exempt purpose Initiatives .  These initiatives are independent philanthropic programs.

The Integrated Network of Things is an engineering and marketing effort to aggregate and integrate state of the art technologies in the Telecommunications, Electrical, Natural Gas, and Transportation industries within the Rock River Valley. This initiative will facilitate economic development within the Valley by attracting businesses eager to creating their unique competitive advantage using the rich capabilities tapestry in the Valley's next generation integrated infrastructure.

This strategic resource will also be used to further develop the functionality and business purposed o
f these industry sectors by providing a "sand box" environment capable real life applications at a meaningful scale.  more

The Water Ecology Field program is a direct-program where our exempt purpose is achieved completely by our own actions. This is our first and primary initiative for The Environment

Technology Transfer program to facilitate economic development and social integration is a direct-program where our exempt purpose is achieved by providing professional engineering services that incorporate social networking applications and thereby enable the mitigation of the digital divide.  Clients served include: ChurchesVeterans, The Disabled, and The Disadvantaged.

These solutions, where possible, are web-based and designed to minimize end user and support organization administrative functions. Many of our clients are Veterans. This program also incorporates an indirect-program component where, our exempt purpose is served by providing professional engineering services to other IRC 501 (c)(3) organizations that support these same interest communities, thereby assisting the recipient organization to carry out their charitable programs. 
A challenging, but most rewarding, element of this initiative is our Get a Vet Connected program.

A little more on our Initiatives:

Integrated Network of Things

Develop and deploy a next generation open broadband network in the Wisconsin Rock River Initiative (WR2VI) centered on  Watertown.

R545.Org is a member of the WR2VI Coalition charged with grant writing, fundraising  and unsolicited proposal development activities for the Initiative.

The Fiber to the Home (FttH) network will support both wired and wireless access and incorporate dedicated development assets to be used exclusively by interested parties for testing and development activities.

Network development will be coordinated with the development of both the Electric Industry's Smart Grid Initiative and the Gas Industry forthcoming initiative and which have a critical need for real time communication with the User Premises.

In addition to Location, Location, and Location - this region has unique existing natural, utility, transportation, educational, and home life resources that make it desirable for the development of a "sand box" environment to further develop both utility, business sector ,and Homeland Security  applications within the Integrated Infrastructure. 

The Environment - Water Conservation Our Veterans
Good Government

A program to engineer, furnish and install rain gardens in
 Dodge and Jefferson counties that contribute to the
 Rock River Basin Aquifer.

This initiative builds on the University of Wisconsin Extension and Rock River Coalition activities for water conservation.

Field Operations - April through October

Get a Vet Connected -  

Social Isolation is possibly the single most debilitating factor for the individual.
This inability to communicate and interact comfortably with far off family and friends or to gain employment is our target.

This is program to provide personal training to our service veterans and facilitate the necessary infrastructure for these individuals and their support organizations  in Wisconsin.

This initiative is provided and coordinated through the Old Abe Chapter of the 101st Airborne Division serving Airborne and Veterans in Wisconsin.

We are now in a recruiting phase - where we are accepting resumes from interested skilled technology services individuals to work as volunteers or independent contractors on specific projects with our clients. Application Information

We have no employees. 

Mr. James W. Romlein Sr. P.E. is the Managing Director.   Resume