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The 2nd WWII Glider Symposium

The 2nd WWII Glider Symposium was held on September 9 - 11 in Madison WI at the Marriott Madison West.

Location: 1313 John Q. Hammons Drive 
Middleton WI  53562
Phone: (608) 831-2000 Hotel Switchboard

It was organized to bring the experts in the field together.  We also brought the Veterans that flew the Gliders, the Tow Plane pilots that took them into battle, and the Combat Veterans that went into Battle in the Gliders. Veterans, Authors, Historians, and Museums  presented a perspective on the military, civil,  manufacturing history, as well as the restoration projects of WWII Gliders.


Author Susan Maynes "Use of military gliders on any scale was unique to World War II:  gliders that were best - - and sometimes only - -way to rapidly move troops and supplies into combat.  Under constant and scathing fire, glider pilots crash landed behind enemy lines to deliver desperately needed men and materials directly into combat zones.  The pilots then fought shoulder to shoulder with the infantry.  Yet to most of their sacrifices and bravery have been virtually unknown."  

Your contribution to this, our first project as 501(c)(3) to honor these brave soldiers will help us fund our future projects.

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